MOS Hertfordshire

We are one of the founding member practices of MOS Hertfordshire.  MOS Hertfordshire has been selected by the PCT to provide NHS Minor Oral Surgery under LA for Hertfordshire patients.

We have three service locations which will provide the Minor Oral Surgery under LA and we are able to cover nearly all of the geographical area of Hertfordshire from our service locations resulting in easy access for your patients to the service

MOS Hertfordshire Oral surgeons Bikram Bal, Lena Vakhil and Meenal Karania have a combined 50 years experience of providing Oral Surgery both in the Primary and Secondary care setting. The oral surgeons are on the Oral Surgery Specialist list with the GDC. Many of you may already know and have referred to Bikram Bal who has provided private oral surgery services in Hertfordshire for the last 15 years.

We would request that you send referrals indicating which service location your patient would like to be seen at on the referral form. 

Please see attached below patient information leaflets to supply to your patients so they can obtain information about the service locations and the Oral Surgeons prior to their visit.

You can either send referrals to us by post using the freepost envelopes or email your referral to our NHS email address. We can only accept email referrals from another NHS email account to ensure security of patient’s data. If you have digital X-rays we would prefer the referral to be emailed so we have a good quality X-ray. The individual service locations emails  addresses are:-

We aim to provide a quality service for your patients. We would welcome any feedback you have regarding the service.

We look forward to receiving your referrals and if you have any queries we will be more than happy to discuss them. If you require any more Patient information leafletsor freepost envelopes please contact us and we would be happy to supply them.