Patient Information for MOS



Dear Patient


You have been referred to Ashwell Dental Surgery by your dentist to see a specialist oral surgeon. Please find below information about the procedure that the you have been booked for on.   It is important that you read the information below before the procedure.


If you have been referred to us and Ashwell Dental Surgery isn’t your usual practice please may you complete the medical history form attached or arrive 15minutes earlier for your appointment time to complete the medical history. Where possible the treatment will be carried out on the day, however another appointment maybe required to carry out/complete the treatment.


Why have I been referred?


Because a number of procedures require surgical intervention by a specialist. A specialist possesses the knowledge, experience, ability and equipment to perform the treatment simply and efficiently.


Who will be doing my surgery?


The Oral Surgeons have over 50 years of oral surgery experience in hospital and dental practice between them, all are registered specialists with the General Dental Council


What will my surgery involve?


Most surgery takes about 5-15 mins depending on what needs to be done. Some surgery is very straightforward and can be done with minimal surgery(eg, broken roots). Other treatment requires minor surgical intervention - this can involve raising a gum flap painlessly, and shaving small amounts of bone. Even large, broken multi rooted teeth can be carefully sectioned and removed in parts to avoid trauma and reduce post operative pain. Such a procedure feels similar to having a tooth filling.


Will I be awake or asleep when I have the procedure?


Our service only provides Local Anaesthesia (injection in the gum). Most patients have a little anxiety about dental procedures, however, we find with careful and sympathetic care, we can treat most of the patients that come to clinic.

There are, however, for some patients, other clinics available that provide sedation facilities and, in some extreme cases, hospitals can provide General Anaesthetic (completely asleep)


Do I need to starve myself before having treatment?


Because we provide Local Anaesthesia only, we prefer our patients to eat normally before and after treatment.


How long does it take to recover after treatment?


For most treatment, it takes 1-3 days to recover after treatment. Often there can be a degree of pain and swelling after. You can take normal painkillers (those you would take for a headache). Occasionally, the specialist may give you a prescription for antibiotics.


If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask the surgeon.


Yours sincerely

Casey-Rose Holloway.


For and on behalf of Ashwell Dental Surgery Ltd and MOS Hertfordshire Ltd